We are a base for gentlemen security analysts and practitioners –– our organic business activities revolve around cybersecurity and data-governance for SMEs, corporate clients and private individuals.

  Our approach employs a variety of security practices, from assisting with active  vulnerability scanning,  penetration testing , comprehensive network reporting corporate security policy engagement general council & direct CISO consultancy.


Our blue team services offer protective engagement of our client networks, designing bespoke solutions, administrating elastic cloud computing, mitigating security risks through network segmentation, employing post-legacy SIEM tools, creating blacklists/whitelists through deep packet inspection, domain management, access control, and the further establishment of IDS / IPS systems.

We also draft incidents response policies and employ NSA developed reverse engineering tools ––  Ghidra SRE –– to examine ransomware attacks post threat intelligence.


Our red team services utilise offensive security practices through a collection of sophisticated CLI/GUI toolkits to conduct reconnaissance and identify vulnerabilities in the subject network  –– conducting full system penetration tests, delivering reverse TCP payloads and further utilising meterpreter post exploitation to establish a persistent foothold on the network’s root user.

We also engage in wireless network auditing, deploying MitM attacks using Recon-NG’s wireless suite and Hak5’s award winning Pineapple Access Point.   📡 🍍

*MS16-032 Post Exploitation (Eternal Blue)


You can reach our management team at  [email protected] or for any queries regarding infinityPLEX®  telecommunications please contact [email protected]

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