Advancing internet efficiency and empowering connectivity — we specialise in managing telecommunication SPVs empowering the development of high capacity fibreoptic networks, fixed wireless solutions, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Internet Exchange (IX/POP) infrastructures,  Tier-2 system administration as well as connectivity to Tier-1 subsea networks.

Our development projects present sustainable internet accessibility as an efficient catalyst for economic, industrial, financial, governmental and civil societal development a solution tailored for emerging economies.

Open Internet East Africa

Teleplex® Open Internet Africa   is an infinityPLEX LIMITED ISP/MVNO project in the  United Republic of Tanzania to provide telecommunication connectivity services with a focus on secure fixed wireless broadband solutions for B2G, B2B (FI/CORP/SME) & B2C clients based in East Africa’s economic centre, Dar es Salaam and the nation’s administrative capital, Dodoma.

Core Business Objective

Promote economic and social development by lowering technical barriers to connectivity, further empowering the region as a place of opportunity  — Operating a niche ISP/MVNO licensed by the Tanzanian Communications Regulations Authority to work with financial institutions and local government administration, education and health facilities as well as SMEs  in Dar-es-Salaam to provide unparalleled connectivity across our point-to-point wireless networks across multiple municipalities.


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